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Sam was born in Kedah, Malaysia on October 13, 1991. Growing up in the 90's where camera is a common medium use to record and capture memory, Sam's parent always try their best to capture moments from Sam's childhood. Neither of them knows this would slowly grow an interest on photography out of Sam.

In 2009, Sam took her Diploma in Mass Communication at KDU Penang. She then further her study abroad to the United States in 2015. Sam graduated with a degree in Communication Design from California State University, Chico in 2017.​

Sam discovered her great passion in photography while studying in the United States. She came across photographer Gregory Crewdson works in class and was amazed by how the photographer staged cinematic scenes of suburbia to dramatic effect, this story telling skill is what Sam going after for a long time. Sam then decided to pursue conceptual/ narrative photography as her lifetime career.

Since then, Sam started to stage her photograph always with a story in mind, using camera as a medium of communication to share thoughts and constructing interesting stories with her viewers. Sam is expertise in staging small details in photos that the viewer might not see at the first glance but would be surprised after reading the photograph carefully.

Whether capturing "the" moment, constructing a story or product photography, Sam never let the variety of photograph stop her from exploring her photography skill. She keeps learning and improving her skills in order to provide the highest impact and quality product to her client.  

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